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How to take care of your Car Vinyl decal

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Your new graphics have been produced from premium pressure-sensitive material. The vinyl requires little maintenance and should be treated similarly to a painted surface.

When Caring for your Graphic,

DO wash your graphics with plain soap and water or any commercially made car wash soap. Rinse thouroughly.
DO keep high pressure nozzles at least 18 inches from the edge of the graphics. High pressure spray may cause the edge of the graphic to peel.
DO test any cleaning solution on a small section of the decal before using. Be sure to read the solution's directions and warning notices that may apply to Vinyl Graphics.
DO be careful when using a snow scraper near the decal or lettering.

DON'T use any aromatic solvents such as acetone, M.E.K., toluene, paint thinner, or lacquer thinner on your graphics. Any solvent may soften the vinyl material or smear colors.
DON'T overcoat the graphics with clear paint. (removal will be a nightmare)
DON'T let gasoline or other fuels drip or stay on graphics for any length of time. If a spill occurs, wipe off and rinse with water immediately.
DON'T paint over the graphics
DON'T apply wax over graphics. Wax products generally contain petroleum distillates, which can damage vinyl graphics. Wax that has dried along the edge of a graphic can be removed by softening it with rubbing alcohol and using cotton swabs.

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